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Tick to Purchase Code Title Fee
GTISC01 Workplace Diversity 69.95
GTISC02 Teamwork and Communication 69.95
GTISC06 Workplace Hygiene 59.95
GTISC16 SITXFIN001A - Process financial transactions - FB22 49.95
GTISC20 Workplace Training 89.95
GTISC24 Customer Service 69.95
GTISC18 Introduction to Hospitality 69.95
GTISC23 Menu Planning and Design 74.95
GTISC43 Barista Skills 89.95
GTISC44 Food Safety Systems (HACCP) 89.95
GTISC46 Workplace Health and Safety 69.95
GTISC49 Managing Workplace Health & safety 89.95
GTISC50 Food and beverage Service 79.95